Friday, January 18, 2013

January Part Two

Favorite Knitting Needles 1-15-13

Puzzled 1-16-13

Dinner! 1-17-13

Scrumptious Sundae 1-18-13
Pizza Art 1-19-13
Bookstack 1-20-13

Just Too Tempting 1-20-13
Knitting Grandma's Hat 1-20-13

Brrrrr! 1-21-13

Perfect Evening 1-23-13
In My Mailbox 1-23-13

Tackling Memories 1-24-13

Cello 1-25-13
Ice Fishing Fun 1-26-13
Finishing a Newbery 1-27-13

I Finished ALL of the Newberys (in order) 1-28-13

Fun with Science 1-29-13

Weird and True 1-30-13

Award Books 1-31-13

My goal became difficult, if not impossible, to achieve when my memory card went wonky. There are days with no pictures because they were on that memory card. I had fun taking the pictures though and that was actually the point of this whole project. Wahoo! I was able to retrieve the photos from the card and I don't even know why. It works again. Happy day.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So it Begins...


One of my goals for this year was to take at least one pitcher every single day. Okay, I'm being silly. Picture. I'm taking pictures. I'll be keeping my eyes open to see the wonders around me - at least that is the plan. I don't always think to do it, so hopefully this goal will get me out there looking and exploring or at least noticing the many cool things or even ordinary things that I pass by day after day.

I will be choosing at least one picture each day to put in a collection this year.

This photo goal got me to stop and check out the Black River Beach today. I was driving by and had my camera in the car. When I saw the sign for the beach, I wondered what it might look like in the winter so I pulled over. It was actually fun to see the "Beach Closed" sign and see sand and snow in the same place. The sound of the river sloshing around under the ice and between the cracks was pretty cool too. I didn't stay long since it was only 21 degrees, but it was a nice bit of exploration. Have you wondered about anything today? It's sure to encourage something fun.

Here are the photos for the first two weeks of January.

Schatzie attacking! 1-1-13
Favorite mittens 1-2-13
Sparkly heart 1-3-13
Favorite shoes 1-4-13
Nerdbery reading 1-5-13 
Long legs 1-6-13
Early reading 1-7-13
Birthday cupcake bling 1-8-13
Reading Romeo & Juliet with daughter 1-10-13
Party shoes 1-11-13
Brrr! Beach Closed 1-12-13

Two for Tea 1-13-13
Schatzie in his Superman cape 1-14-13