Friday, January 18, 2013

January Part Two

Favorite Knitting Needles 1-15-13

Puzzled 1-16-13

Dinner! 1-17-13

Scrumptious Sundae 1-18-13
Pizza Art 1-19-13
Bookstack 1-20-13

Just Too Tempting 1-20-13
Knitting Grandma's Hat 1-20-13

Brrrrr! 1-21-13

Perfect Evening 1-23-13
In My Mailbox 1-23-13

Tackling Memories 1-24-13

Cello 1-25-13
Ice Fishing Fun 1-26-13
Finishing a Newbery 1-27-13

I Finished ALL of the Newberys (in order) 1-28-13

Fun with Science 1-29-13

Weird and True 1-30-13

Award Books 1-31-13

My goal became difficult, if not impossible, to achieve when my memory card went wonky. There are days with no pictures because they were on that memory card. I had fun taking the pictures though and that was actually the point of this whole project. Wahoo! I was able to retrieve the photos from the card and I don't even know why. It works again. Happy day.

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